Seafarers Views: False Promise for Promotion
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False Promise for Promotion

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Topic: False Promise for Promotion
Posted By: jamesbond
Subject: False Promise for Promotion
Date Posted: 02 Jun 2006 at 7:39am
hi everyone, goes to show what suckers we sailors are.Take my case,i left a good company with whom i served on container ships and when the topic of promotion to chief engineer's post came on,they offered to put me on a bulk carrier.i refused and left for xYz company who offered to promote me on container ships(Large ones)after one contract.At the time it sounded genuine enough.But after completion of contract and getting back home,i receive a call from them to join again as 1/E in the coming month sometime.i made a complete fool of myself.So pls guys take the promotion when u get it,if the deal is not so bad and do not get choosy like me.

Posted By: Anshuman Naik
Date Posted: 03 Jun 2006 at 5:10am
Here is another sad story (Yeah - I turned out to be a sucker like the above person) - Let it prove to be a warning for others who join better companies for promotions. I joined Barber ship management 3 years ago, as a Chief Officer with 2 yrs experience. Worked well, got good reports, was to be promoted last voyage to Master and was sent on board with this clear verbal promise "We will promote you on board this time definitely after 1 month (This had been said earlier too) subject to positive reports fromt the Master." Surprise... when I join, I learn that the Master was signing off after 4 months. Anyhow being so close to one's goal, it did not appear to be something to complain about. I got recommended by the Master for promotion, with excellent reports. The Master informally commences handing over to me. 4 days before he signs off, I learn that the office is sending another Chief Officer on board for promotion as Master. When I returned back the office to express my displeasure over the way they handled things, they coolly retracted having ever said anything to me. Anyway, I found that the entire office staff of Barber Ship Management - especially their manning Superintendents - absoutely suck and will lie in the most pathetic manner!

Posted By: chappantikli
Date Posted: 03 Jun 2006 at 10:14pm
Dear Anshuman, You are not alone in this rut. I am a chief engineer of 80's vintage, having served more than 16 years in rank on oil tankers, reefers and containers. Recently, I expressed my interest to join LPG trade- imagine my surprise when the market leader (self professed) says I have to join as a 3rd engineer, as the reliquefaction plant is a reefer plant. When I pointed out my long stint on reefer vessels as a chief engineer, finally the Capt on the desk was good enough to tell me, that they are having shortage of 3/2'Es and c/2/3 O's, therefore they have been instructed to do this..just imagine if this is the condition in so called boom time, what would happen in recession---This industry sucks. So be cut throat, protect your ticket, do minimum possible for the ship and owners, steer clear of the prospective superintendents, and bring you cash back home.

Posted By: Bharat Tyagi
Date Posted: 09 Jun 2006 at 10:56am
Dear Anshu, What u say is true. BSM does suck. The supers there are self centred,pompous,inexperienced, idiots who are only paper tigers. Trust no one and dont be at their beck and call. That is what i have learned.

Posted By: Donotacceptbullshit
Date Posted: 14 Jun 2006 at 6:45am
Let them put it in writing on the contract. If they say that the promotion will be subject to good report from masrter/choff/tomdickharry/mausi/mausa, just tell them to insert additional clause, that in case you are not found fit for promotion, you will be repatriated on company account. Do not accept bullshit in any form.

Posted By: neeraj kaushik
Date Posted: 11 Aug 2006 at 2:45am
yes friends u all r right . these shipping compaines suck. why cant they provide a standard wages for us.why is it negotiable every time. why cant junior officers allowed to carry there family onboard . they give promotion to any body coming from outside done only one ship  on a senior rank from any small company and will hesitate 100 times before giving promotion to the person from the pool. 

Date Posted: 06 May 2008 at 12:05pm
I do agree with all the members in the forum . This has happened to me in the past when I was "promised" onboard promotion which I refused to accept as they were not ready to give me in writing . BSM(Eurasia) also promised me on my Last contract to promote me as Chief after 2m of joining ,but alas! I signed off after completing my contract but that chief engineer who was supposed to hand over to me is still onboard (he joined 2-1/2 months prior to me !!) . So , onboard promotion doesn't work out most of the time and it's just a false promise to lure you in the rank required by the company onboard that v/l at the time . Verbal promise doesn't mean anything as you don't have any proofs .

Posted By: abhishek goel
Date Posted: 09 Apr 2015 at 11:26am
Guys pls tell me abt Crowley accord marine...if u know abt it

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