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Company Logo C.S.C. MANILA, INC.
Our Profile

C.S.C. MANILA, INC. is an ISO-certified manning agency duly licensed by the
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) primarily to provide
trained and qualified seafarers of all ranks for ocean-going vessels.

C.S.C. Manila with its Head-office in Rotterdam, Netherlands was
established on April 5, 2000 and is primarily engaged in the business of
providing marine services as principal or agent to ship owners, operators
and managers or to any person or entity engaged in international marine and
maritime business.

C.S.C. Manila takes pride in consistently delivering complete marine
services. In spite of the heavy competition, the organization immediately
broke new ground with its fresh innovative concept of specialization that
has consistently kept the company in the forefront of the Philippine
recruitment industry as it continues to maintain high standards of quality
and professionalism.

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