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10-Nov-2023 [15]
9-Nov-2023 [17]
8-Nov-2023 [14]
7-Nov-2023 [16]
6-Nov-2023 [16]
3-Nov-2023 [17]
2-Nov-2023 [15]
1-Nov-2023 [16]
31-Oct-2023 [16]
30-Oct-2023 [14]
27-Oct-2023 [12]
26-Oct-2023 [16]
25-Oct-2023 [15]
23-Oct-2023 [17]
20-Oct-2023 [15]
19-Oct-2023 [15]
18-Oct-2023 [16]
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13-Oct-2023 [16]
12-Oct-2023 [14]
11-Oct-2023 [17]
10-Oct-2023 [15]
9-Oct-2023 [16]
6-Oct-2023 [15]
5-Oct-2023 [15]
4-Oct-2023 [16]
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29-Sep-2023 [14]
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14-Sep-2023 [15]
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8-Sep-2023 [15]
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6-Sep-2023 [19]
5-Sep-2023 [16]
4-Sep-2023 [20]
1-Sep-2023 [20]
31-Aug-2023 [14]
30-Aug-2023 [19]
29-Aug-2023 [14]
28-Aug-2023 [22]
25-Aug-2023 [17]
24-Aug-2023 [19]
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22-Aug-2023 [14]
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18-Aug-2023 [19]
17-Aug-2023 [11]
16-Aug-2023 [21]
14-Aug-2023 [15]
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10-Aug-2023 [16]
9-Aug-2023 [21]
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31-Jul-2023 [14]
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31-May-2023 [16]
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19-May-2023 [15]
18-May-2023 [14]
17-May-2023 [20]
16-May-2023 [17]
15-May-2023 [12]
12-May-2023 [15]
11-May-2023 [11]
10-May-2023 [14]
9-May-2023 [14]
8-May-2023 [15]
5-May-2023 [12]
4-May-2023 [14]
3-May-2023 [17]
2-May-2023 [15]
28-Apr-2023 [17]
27-Apr-2023 [22]
26-Apr-2023 [21]
25-Apr-2023 [17]
24-Apr-2023 [12]
21-Apr-2023 [20]
20-Apr-2023 [20]
19-Apr-2023 [15]
18-Apr-2023 [17]
17-Apr-2023 [16]
14-Apr-2023 [17]
13-Apr-2023 [19]
.: 18-May-2020 :. Search News
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One more mysterious attack in Gul of Aden
Product tanker STOLT APAL was reportedly attacked by two skiffs with armed persons on board at around 1200 UTC May 17 in Gulf of Aden NE of Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia, while sailing west, en route from Al Jubayul Persian Gulf, to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, Red sea.
“After multiple warning shots were fired by the armed guard team aboard Stolt Apal, the skiffs opened fire on the ship. The armed guard team returned fire, disabling one skiff and ending the pursuit,” a company spokesman told Reuters in emailed comments. The spokesman said the ship’s bridge had sustained minor damage from bullets but that there were no injuries....

Posted On:18-May-2020

Sri Lanka s Colombo port to provide crew change services in Coronavirus crisis - Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
Sri Lanka’ Colombo port is providing crew change service to ships plying the Indian Ocean at a time when many ports are closed, leading to new business being developed, an official said.

Colombo Port has been fully operational during the Coronavirus crisis and no ship had been delayed Sri Lanka Ports Authority Chairman Daya Ratnayake said.

“As a result of this, the brand name we got as a port, the credibility that we developed is now turning…into new business opportunities,” Ratnayake told an online forum organized by Sri Lanka’s National Chamber of Commerce.

Colombo had seen a 2.4 percent rise in ship calls before global shipping started to decline, he said....

Posted On:18-May-2020

Trump administration issues global maritime advisory on sanctions, with industry input - Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
The Trump administration issued guidelines to help ship owners and insurers avoid the risks of sanctions penalties, standards that maritime players and a senior State Department official said were modified following months of discussions with industry.

The guidelines, known as a Global Maritime Advisory, concern sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Syria. The State Department said it is committed to disrupting sanctions evasion and smuggling of goods, including oil exports from Iran, which the Trump administration imposed sanctions on soon after pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

Global shippers and insurers had balked at an initial outline of the advisory that the State Department previewed in March, arguing it would have disrupted international trade with legal questions....

Posted On:18-May-2020

India : Govt allows 414 Indian seafarers stuck in Italy to return on chartered flights - BusinessLine
The government has allowed 414 Indian seafarers stranded in Italy to return on chartered flights, according to an Ministry of Home Affairs order.

Belonging to Goa, the 414 seafarers will be repatriated on specially chartered B-737 aircraft arranged by Costa Cruises.

“MHA has no objection to carrying out immigration functions in respect of 414 Indian nationals coming to India (Dabolim Airport, Goa) from Italy through three special chartered B-737 aircraft arranged by Costa Cruises (tentatively on May 20), subject to production of a no objection certificate/permission from competent authority in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Directorate General of Civil Aviation,” the order issued by the MHA on May 16 said....

Posted On:18-May-2020

India: Visakhapatnam Hotel identified as quarantine centre for seafarers - The Hindu
Indian seafarers seeking signing out after their ships anchorage in the port city will now have a choice with the authorities allowing a private hotel to operate as a quarantine centre with three star amenities on payment basis.
A team from quarantine committee comprising K. Padma Latha and Triveni after inspecting a hotel at Surya Bagh declared that it was fulfilling the the criteria for quarantine facility as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) recommended by the Union government.

The management of the hotel has been recommended to strictly follow the SOPs. This is the first hotel in Visakhapatnam selected by the district authorities for use as quarantine facility on payment basis....

Posted On:18-May-2020

India : Goan seafarers will arrive from Italy in batches - Economic Times
Goan seafarers onboard multiple Costa Cruise vessels in and around Italy are being grouped into batches to be sent back home on the first three flights chartered by the company to Goa expected to reach this week. Captain Venzy Viegas, who along with the Goa Seamen Association of India has been advocating to bring back stranded seafarers home safely, told TOI that the crew are from the cruise liners Costa Magica, Costa Diadema and Costa Favolosa, among others.

Posted On:18-May-2020

India: Seafarers seek Kavlekar s help for quarantine cost waiver - The Navhind Times
Seafarers continued to raise concerns about bearing the cost for their quarantine and have now approached the deputy chief minister Chandrakant ‘Babu’ Kavlekar. They also suggested that the seafarers be brought directly to Goa.

A group of around 50 seafarers from Quepem constituency along with their families met Kavlekar at his residence and put up their suggestions. They discussed the issue of paid quarantine asking why the seafarers had been charged Rs 2,500 per day while others entering the state were not being charged.

They also suggested that the seafarers be brought back by ships directly at the MPT port rather than in Mumbai.

“Bring our Goan seafarers directly to MPT and don’t disembark them in Mumbai which is a hotspot or in any other port. The process of getting the seafarers should also be sped up as they are frustrated and want to be back with their loved ones as soon as possible,” said a seafarer....

Posted On:18-May-2020


Vessel attacked in Gulf of Aden near Yemen coast, UK Maritime Trade Operations says - Haaretz
A vessel was attacked in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday, offshore of Yemen s port of Mukalla, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said, without giving further details.
"Vessels transiting the area are advised to exercise extreme caution," UKMTO said in a warning notice on its website. The attack happened at 1230 GMT, it said.

Posted On:18-May-2020

Carnival Breeze Arrives in Europe to Disembark Crew
Carnival Breeze arrived in Southampton, England on Saturday morning to disembark crew members who could not get home from the United States due to travel restrictions.
The first round of crew members left the ship to board flights back to their home countries, adhering to local regulations to ensure safety.

Posted On:18-May-2020

Crew change crisis takes a new turn with ships deviating to India to drop overworked staff
By the time, Captain Bejoy Kannan signed off from ‘China Dawn’ in the wee hours of Saturday, he had earned praise and brickbats for his decision to divert the oil tanker to Cochin port to allow him and his nine mates to disembark after an extended contract on the ship.

The oil tanker was travelling to Singapore from South Africa when Kannan altered the course of the ship to Cochin, citing mental exhaustion he and his crew faced due to the extra time spent at sea, as the lockdown restrictions to combat the pandemic in many parts of the globe halted crew change on ships.

“Looking forward to reaching Kolkata to my family soon,” Kannan, who has spent 25 years at sea, tweeted after getting off from ‘China Dawn’....

Posted On:18-May-2020