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30-Nov-2022 [17]
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6-Oct-2022 [16]
5-Oct-2022 [12]
.: 17-Aug-2015 :. Search News
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Time to Move Wrecks
Major salvage operations the world over have tended to encourage the belief that there is practically no casualty, barring those in the deep ocean, which cannot be removed under the terms of a wreck removal contract. The idea that a wreck might be left on a coast or in shallow water for the sea to break up will now be firmly rejected by the general public. The Nairobi Convention on the removal of wrecks entered force this spring, reinforces the rights of states to require the removal of wrecks. And while this might be a worrying burden for marine insurers, operators will also have noted that the considerable costs of this wreck removal

Posted On:17-Aug-2015


Art and Science of Ship Valuation
Determining a ship's future value can be an invaluable trait for any ship owner, as it can be the main factor between his success or failure. For example over the past 12 months, as per VesselsValue's data, Aframax and Suezmax tankers are the winners of the current market's upwards momentum, with an increase in value of approx. 22% over the last 12 months. By contrast, 15 year old Capesize's have fallen almost 60%, while 15 y/o Panamax and Supramax are down 50% and 15 y/o Handy’s are down 40%. Modern vessels have fallen less in % terms but are still down by 15 -30% (dependant on type).

Posted On:17-Aug-2015


MSC continues operations in China
In the wake of the explosions near Tianjin port on Wednesday 12th August, MSC confirms that Tianjin Pacific International Container Terminal (TPCT) which is used by MSC, is located 6 kilometers from the blast site at the East Port Area. All MSC employees onshore are safe and there has been no impact on MSC crewmembers onboard our vessels. We do not foresee any further disruption to the sailing schedules. All MSC onshore operations resumed on 14th August. However, customs house will only accept official export and import declarations from Monday, 17th August. Interim services are available upon special request.

As the Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration office has prohibited all loading and discharging of hazardous shipments from the port, MSC Tianjin Customer Service Team is contacting customers with information on alternative cargo arrangements.

Posted On:17-Aug-2015


Maersk's Newbuilds Won't Fit New Panama Canal
Last week Maersk announced the signing of a $1.1 billion newbuilding contract for nine vessels with a 14,000 TEU capacity.

The vessels are designed for flexibility, not a single trade, but they may not be as flexible as some might expect, says Dirk Visser, Senior Shipping Consultant at consultants Dynamar B.V. of the Netherlands.

Maersk is strengthening its fleet with hull designs that can be deployed on East-West or North-South trades without impacting on fuel consumption. The reasoning is that while China remains the global manufacturing center, competitors like Mexico, Turkey and others are growing. Maersk is therefore preparing for new trade patterns, the company said in a statement.

When I first saw the order in combination with Maersk's comments, I assumed that the dimensions of these nine 14,000 TEU ships would allow them to pass through the new Panama Canal locks - meaning that they should have a maximum breadth of 49 meters (48.77 meters, to be precise," says Visser.

This would mean that, with these nine ships, Maersk Line could operate a Far East-US East Coast all-water via the new Panama service. Other options via the enlarged Panama Canal could be: U.S. East Coast-West Coast South America or Europe-West Coast South America.

"Upon signing the order, only the length of these nine 14,000 TEU container ships was stated: 353 meters, but meanwhile it has been confirmed that their breadth will be 53.3 meters," says Visser. "Hence, they will actually be too large to sail via Panama and thus, perhaps, be less flexible than Maersk Line would have hoped."

Nonetheless, there will remain many other options where Panama doesn't come at play, says Visser, such as the Far East, Europe or U.S. East Coast-East Coast South America, Far East-South Africa or Far East-Middle East.

Although some think that the Panama Canal Authority would be considering an upwards revision of the maximum allowed vessel-breadth (physically, the lock chambers have a width of 54 meters), that would not help these 14,000 TEU ships, says Visser. "Moreover, as there must be room in the locks for the tugboats guiding the mainline vessels in and out, we do not expect any spectacular upwards revision, if any at all."

Last June CMA CGM ordered six 14,000 TEU ships with a breadth of 48.2 meters, which will therefore effectively be NewPanamax. It is assumed that the extra capacity versus a 13,200 TEU NewPanamax ship will come from an extra deck tier for empty containers. Therefore, the 14,000 TEU CMA CGM ships will be more flexible than those of Maersk, says Visser.

Also, NewPanamax ships (such as the CMA CGM 14,000 TEU units) require 19-wide Ship-to-shore terminal gantry cranes. For Maersk’s new ships that will be gantries capable of handling 21 boxes across deck. However, Visser says that such cranes are not common in southern hemisphere ports-terminals, another limit to the flexibility of the Maersk vessels.

Posted On:17-Aug-2015


'Govt to set up seafarers cell, nodal office in S Goa'
MARGAO: Taking cognizance of grievances expressed by the Goan seamen association of India (GSAI), "the government is going to create a separate seafarers' cell as well as provide a nodal office to be opened in the South Goa Matanhy Saldanha administrative complex for the benefit of the seamen community that will reduce the hardships of working and retired seamen from South Goa," remarked fisheries and labour minister Avertano Furtado on Saturday.

Speaking as the chief guest after unfurling the national flag, Furtado urged those gathered 'to serve the nation with total devotion and honesty' and spoke of the various government proposals and programmes such as the ongoing work for the Passport Seva Kendra at the South Goa collectorate office for the benefit of the citizens in South Goa, the introduction of more mobile fish vans to supply quality fish at reasonable rates in other parts of Goa and a fast ferry service to connect Dona Paula to Vasco.

Remarking that the government intends to boost hinterland tourism by according special status to eco-tourism, Furtado divulged, "The government has planned to set up a global school of tourism and also a school of strategic and security studies. A provision of 1 crore to create an event calendar along with city branding has been proposed. Also, the construction of an international convention centre at Panaji to attract global conventions to Goa by providing integrated world class facilities at one place."

For the security and safety of women in Goa, a special women battalion with 9 lady police sub-inspectors (LPSIs) and 221 lady police constables (LPCs) will be created. The labour department would undertake labour reforms through requisite amendments to labour laws. The contributions to Labour Welfare Fund are also proposed to be enhanced and minimum wages raised in government departments, autonomous bodies, corporations, etc. keeping in mind the demands of labour.

The minister also felicitated Manguesh Khedekar, Udesh Gawde and Rahul Gawde for their bravery.

Posted On:17-Aug-2015


A safety culture for seafarers?
Safety culture shipboard is a big issue for owners and managers given the risks involved, but it is less than clear that all take this quite as seriously as others once things are far out of sight on the ocean waves.

The photo right (cropped) and below (in full) was posted on the popular SEAFARERS group on Facebook at the weekend with the comment "a nice day for painting".

The seafarer in question is pictured dangling over the side of the ship on what appears to be a forklift palate by means that would be highly unlikely to pass any kind risk assessment procedures.

Comments from other obviously shocked fellow seafarers on the photo included "Unsafe practices", "Not safe at all", "Nice day of PSC inspections", "Be safe, your family is waiting for you back home", and "Nice smile, what did they promise you to do something stupid like this?"

While we do not know who the owner or manager of this vessel are it does highlight that many practices that would never pass muster on land are still going at sea.

Posted On:17-Aug-2015